How to make a water filter

At school, we are learning about water. Some water is not safe to drink and some is safe to drink. In some countries, there is no clean water available to drink. This makes me feel worried because people might get sick and die.

How to make a water filter

After hearing about this, we also watched a video about how to make a water filter. A water filter can be used as part of a process to make dirty water into clean water, and safe to drink.

The next day I made a water filter at home.

Things you need to collect

  • dirty water
  • sand
  • charcoal
  • soft drink bottle
  • gravel
  • cotton ball

We went to the local pet shop. In the aquarium section, there is charcoal.

We put the gravel in because it traps the debris.We put charcoal in to remove toxins

We put a Cotton ball in to trap the dirt from getting in to the clean water.

We put the sand in to catch the small pieces of dirt.

We also got some new fish for the aquarium that we have at home.

Step by step how to make a water filter

First, you get a plastic bottle then you put a two to three millimetre hole in the lid. When you have finished that, you cut the bottom off the bottle then you put the cotton ball at the bottom of the plastic bottle then you put the charcoal in then the sand and finally the gravel. After that, you put the bottle on the bottom. Then pour the dirty water into the bottle.

And hopefully you got some clean water.

I hope you found this useful.

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